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Pattern Shipping

Q.  Do you ship to [my country]?  How much does shipping cost to [my country]?
A.  Yes, Gúna Rince ships internationally.  Go to your Cart and use the Shipping Calculator to see your options.

Q.  I need the pattern fast!  What are your shipping options?
A.  We offer two shipping speeds.  Pricing depends on the weight of the purchase.  You can see your pricing options by beginning the checkout process.

Q.  Is my pattern purchase refundable?
A.  Standard Printed patterns may be returned within 14 days of delivery if the patterns are not cut or damaged in any way.  Please email before mailing.  The customer pays return shipping.  Due to their digital nature, PDF/Print-at-Home patterns are non-refundable.


Pattern Features

Q.  Do patterns come with assembly instructions?
A.  Yes, patterns have full instructions with illustrations.

Q.  Does the solo dress pattern include pattern pieces for the stiff skirt frame/base underneath?
A.  Yes.  The pattern comes with seven different skirt styles, but they all use the same stiff base, referred to as the ‘under-skirt’.

Q.  Do you have patterns for garment bags/dress cases as well?
A.  Yes.  Check them out here.

Q.  What kind of skirt stiffener should I use?
A.  My favorite supplier recently closed.  I have been testing out some new products and have written a comparison of several.  Check it out here!


PDF Patterns

Q.  What’s the deal with the PDF/Print-at-Home patterns?
A.  The PDF Patterns are downloadable documents that allow you to print the pattern from your home computer.  The pattern and instructions come in a series of multi-page PDF documents.  After printing, each page must be trimmed and taped together before the pattern pieces can be cut out (see illustration below).  Patterns require the following number of pages to print, depending on if all included styles are printed, or just one:
  -Girls 5-8: 45-75 sheets
  -Girls 10-16: 55-100 sheets
  -Ladies 6-12: 55-100 sheets
  -Ladies 14-20: 64-115 sheets

Q.  I purchased a pattern.  Why won’t my download links work?
A.  Download links are active for 3 days, so the most common reason is that your download has expired.  We encourage customers to download all files promptly upon purchase.

Q.  I have access to a large-scale printer/my friend works in a print shop.
A.  For copyright reasons, large-scale digital copies of patterns are not available.  Digital patterns are only available as PDFs that have been divided to print on Letter or A4 paper as in the illustration above.